Wolf under the surface

In every habitat there is something on top of the food chain. Ruling the territory. Here, in these waters it is pike. These fishes can grow up to 20kg of weight and 150cm in length. They feed on everything that they can swallow and they hunt by stalking in the shadows. Maybe these are the main reasons why pikes have been hounded and feared by men through history. Also these days most people think that pikes are eating all fishes from waters and that they are a bad thing to have. I see it differently.

I have noticed one fact that stands behind pikes. If there is fertile pike population in some lake, there is also fertile group of other species living in that lake. This must be the cause of natures selection, which basically is that stupid, weak and sick fishes doesn’t make it to breed. They get eaten. By pikes. Of course there is many other things too that affect on that is the water life fertile or not, but the natures selection sure is one of the main things. And it is pikes that do that.

Pikes are important parts in ecosystems and they should be respected and protected, instead of hated among people. Pike also turns into delicious dinner if needed, but they are much more valuable in the water than on our plates. Pikes are the housekeepers of every fishes watery homes. If I were a song writer, I would write a ode to pikes. Hmm… Maybe I’ll write it anyway…

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