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Ground is covered with snow and lakes are freezing. The winter is here. Now we have good ice fishing in the daylight till the end of November. Then it is about night fishing in Polar night for two months under the northern lights.

When they’re on the move

Welcome fishing!

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Atlantic Salmon fly fishing

Trout fishing in Inari

Ice fishing

Arctic sea fishing

Hiking in Norway

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We offer airport and resort pickups as a part of our activities. At the moment we can offer six seats at once.

Welcome fishing!

When you go fishing in Norway, it is important to have all the licences. Here you have the links for licences needed when fishing in lakes and rivers in Norway.

Fishing licence for salmon related species(trout, grayling, salmon, arctic char)

Innerland fishing licence

At most rivers you need an additional fishing licence for that specific river. If you’re not sure what you need, feel free to ask.
There is a camera at the fish stairs at Neidenelva, Skoltefossen. You can find it by clicking the linked text below.

Fish cam

It opens Skynordic map, choose Neiden. Then choose a record you want to see. They are listed with date and time. Then press ”Last” and play the video.

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