River fishing in Inari

Rivers here in Inari hold good populations of grayling, trout and pike.

River fishing in Inari starts first of June and goes on till the end of August. (1.6. – 30.8.) Every month offers different kind of fishing and also the “hot specie” changes. Your fishing guide Atte Ikkala knows where to be at the time of your visit in Inari.


Full Experience

Hotel pick-up and drop-off with roomy van with 5 passenger seats, fridge, microwave, air condition and private driver.

Really often when our visitors catch fish; it is their personal best of the specie. Here’s a monster of a grayling for Jukka at summer 2021. 54cm and 1,2kg, he chose to release the fish.

Your guide makes full lunch/dinner at open fire. We use the days catch, but have plan B if they keep on falling off the hook.

Good to know

From your side

Bring your own clothing suitable for the weather. Also sun glasses, sun lotion, mosquito repellent and your phone.

You need normal physical skills to join the fishing trip. We wade a lot and walk in uneven terrain.

What we need to know

It is important that you tell us if you have any medication, medical conditions, allergies or special needs.

River season is 1.6.-31.8.

Outside those three months it is still possible to go fishing at lakes or the sea.

Be prepared to release some of your catch

We can’t take every fish we catch. There’s some size limits and big female fishes should always be released.

Day plan

Your guide has ready plan how to fish and where to fish to make the most of the day. You can relay that it is the best what Inari has to offer at the moment of your visit. And due to changing factors, every trip is slightly different. Here’s an example how the day would go:

  • 10:00 Guide comes to get you from your accommodation.
  • The drive takes from 5 minutes up to two hours. Depends of your location and the target river.
  • You get to do a lot of fishing and we might move really actively when searching for the fishes. When ever you feel hungry or thirsty, there’s food and drinks on offer.
  • In the evening you get a ride back to your accommodation. We can stay fishing for 12 hours, but can also come back earlier if you wish.
Guided fishing trip
  • / person /day
  • Transportation in Inari village area. For longer distances we charge 2€/km
  • food&drinks
  • fishing gear
  • guiding
  • pictures
Guided fishing trip
  • / person / 2 hours
  • Transportation in Inari village area. For longer distances we charge 2€/km
  • fishing gear
  • guiding
  • pictures

Rating: 5 out of 5.

guide who does this for the love for the sport

Great trip in a great setting !! Thanks to the guide who does this for the love for the sport !!

Jarmo Kaskinen

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“brilliant fishing and would highly recommend it to anyone”

If Heineken did days and nights out it would be this. Best 24 hours I have ever had in Finland, Atte really knows the land and wilderness, brilliant fishing and would highly recommend it to anyone, we caught loads and it was a real adventure off the beaten tracks.

Spencer Bernstein