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Fly Fishing Vacation

Neiden flows in Eastern Finnmark of Norway. Fishing here doesn’t require long distance hiking and most of the best pools are right next to the road. It’s possible to catch really big salmon, sea run brown trout and grayling through the whole fishing season of June, July and August.

Your fishing guide Atte Ikkala has over 20 years experience of the river. He can take care of all the arrangements here at Neiden River for you. Just book your trip, get your flight tickets to Kirkenes Airport, Norway and catch your personal best on the fly fishing vacation.

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Highlights of Neiden

Dry fly fishing

Neiden really is a dry fly river. Here’s plenty of salmon pools that are ideal for dry fly fishing and even the big +10kg fishes like to come and take the dry fly. Best time for dry fly fishing starts after the flood has gone down. Usually at later June.

The biggest fishes come to the river in June. Then greater numbers of smaller salmon come during July and in the August it is small and big fishes in the pools already. Also big ones still come fresh with great numbers of sea run brown trout.

Easy access

The river flows right by the road, so your time wont be wasted in hiking long distances. There’s about 50 good pools to fish and your guide knows where to find areas without other fishermen.

Kirkenes Airport in Norway is only half an hour drive away from the river. You can change the plane in Oslo to get to Kirkenes. Once you’re here, your guide is waiting at the parking lot and is ready to drive to your accommodation.

Eat your catch

It is allowed to take your catch here in Neiden and your guide can cook it right away there at the river side. Nothing better than open fire grilled fresh salmon.

Everyone would still appreciate that if we release all the big female salmons; if they’re not harmed too bad by the hook.

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