Autumn fjelds

Autumn is pretty long season here in Arctic-Lapland. Plants and animals use that time to prepare them selves for freezing winter. Nature is full of berries, mushrooms and healthy wildlife after warm summer, so there is something for everyone. Vegetation gives the season it’s wonderful colors by sucking all the nutrients from their leaves, leaving us that what we know Autumn from.


Nightless night is now just a memory when dark nights take over the sky. But they bring one of natures most beautiful wonders with them; The Northern lights! And then comes the winter, and ice fishing and snowmobiling and Christmas. Can’t wait to see the first snow.


1 thought on “Autumn fjelds

  1. Sari-Johanna Hannukainen 14.9.2017 — 21:38

    beautiful photo and nice words, Atte! Enjoy the Arctic colorfull fall!


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