Atlantic silver

Every year, when ice and snow melts away; my mind focuses on the beautiful Neiden river. It starts flowing down from Finnish lake Ii and ends up in to Barents sea, Arctic ocean. It is 100 km long and falls down 193 meters from it’s source. Every summer sea trouts, pink salmons and Atlantic salmons rush up the river for their breeding areas.

Season starts first of June and goes on for three months. There is great pools for fly fishing and also longer streams suitable for boat fishing with wobblers and spoons. For me Neiden river is totally fly fishing river, and usually there is dry fly in the end of my line at the Norwegian side of the river.

Neiden river is the home river of mine.

Julkaissut Atte Ikkala

30 years old finnish man going on fishing adventures. Rain or shine! Time to time I just feel the need to write about it.


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