Winter Safaris

When snow covers this land; begins the most wonderful season in Lapland. The season for ice fishing and snowmobiling. For the freezing adventures!

We offer unique snowmobile safaris in and around Kaldoaivi wilderness area. Safaris  include piloting a snowmobile and/or traveling as a passenger, exciting sight ice fishing and open fire food and drinks in the middle of the purest nature in the world.

Snowmobile Safari

Trip starts from Näätämö village and goes on over frozen lakes, rivers and snow covered forests in to Kaldoaivi backwoods. The journey is 40 km long and takes the whole day, or night; if you choose to go after Northern lights instead of Ice Fishing. Also shorter 2-4 hour trips can be arranged.

You get to drive the snowmobile your self, but for that you need a full driving license which is valid in EUROPE. You can still make it to the Safari as a passenger even without driving license.

Meeting point for the Safari: Nord1Market ETR- store in Näätämö village center.

Safaris need to be booked at least 12 hours before the starting time. You can also purchase this product just before starting time, by receiving the payment information from the Safari guide.

Snowmobile Safari

Driver package; one person


Snowmobile Safari

Passenger package; one person



Ice fishing

It is hard to find so pure fishing waters as what we have here in the Arctic Lapland. The fishing goes to a whole new level when you can see the record fish swimming around and finally accepting your bait.


Why to choose Galddoaivi Safaris? Why to choose Näätämö?

If you want to find a place where modern day tourism haven’t changed the way of life yet. Our location is one of the few places on earth where it still is so.

Galddoaivi guide Atte Ikkala can take you around these wonderful forests, waters and fjelds to show how pure can nature be. The air you inhale here is worlds purest, lumber industry has no foot print, rivers flow free and wildlife is rich and fertile.

Atte is specialized in sight fishing during winter. The idea is to be prepared for a strike way before it happens. It is also really entertaining to see the fish in it’s natural habitat.

With Galddoaivi Safaris; you and your friends can reach what wasn’t possible before. Drive snowmobile in to Kaldoaivi Wilderness, for ice fishing and Northern light hunt! Welcome!

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