Reindeer pelt


Air dried reindeer pelt for outside use. Shipping outside Finland; inside EU only 9,90€

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Reindeer pelt is warm and natural cover for your outdoor seat and great product for camping in general. These calf pelts are about 140cm x 70cm in size.

Our reindeer pelts are mainly from Vätsäri National park in Finland. Pelts are dried slowly in the Polar night and that makes them really durable for outside use. You might have seen those chemically treated reindeer pelts in the souvenir shops, but this is totally different product. These air dried pelts are made for use, unlike the soft tourist pelts in souvenir shops.

Always after using the pelt, it is important to hang it the skin side up to dry. You can hang the pelt on a rope or on a pole. If the hair is really wet too, then it is good to turn the pelt after the skin has dried. If you store the pelt wet, it will lose it’s hair. The life spam for these pelts are few years in hard use and many years in seldom use.



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