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Juutua is 10km long and flows it’s clear water into the western end of the great Inari lake in Finnish Lapland.

The river has strong population of exceptionally large   lake trouts and brown trouts. Several over 10kg trouts  have been reported over the years and due to strict fishing rules; the fish population has a bright future.

Fishing season starts at first of June and goes on to the end of August. Juutua offers quality fishing for all three summer months for the one who knows where to fish and whit what. Basic rule is, that big trout is predatorous fish…and that’s also the fun fact.

Services around the river are good and it is easy to reach.

There is none like Juutua.


Typical catch in the early season. Big lake trout, also known as grey char.


Juutua’s trout uses lake Inari for their lake runs after large vendace herds. Vendace is silvery salmon related fish that grows up to about 20cm in length. They are really nutrious and trout clearly seems to remember the favorite diet in the river as well.


Fly fishing big brownies from fast stream with big fly’s is sport fishing at it’s best!

Strikes are hard and if you fish from the surface, they often jump high when reaching for the fly.


Typical appearance of Juutua’s brownie. Profile is high and fins large for maximum effort in the strong stream. It is common to use DH fly rods and tippet lines up to 0,50mm.


Juutua is located in the side of Inari village. There is several high class hotels in the area with the talent to ensure that  you will love your vacation.

Your fishing guide Atte Ikkala is making sure that everything goes smoothly and you can focus in fishing and getting into the right state of mind to meet the trout of your life.

Of course we can’t promise that 80cm/7kg trout will see your tinsel fly, strike it and hold on in the hook all the way to guides rubber net; To either fill your stomach or splash the water on your face when you let go the tail after he has gained his strenght back.

But what we promise is that you get to do high class fly fishing in Europes best trout river, Juutua.


You get a professional  guide for your whole trip. Atte Ikkala will take you to the best trout pools and hand over the right fly and rod for you to hook and land the big ones. Atte  has over 10 years experience as a fishing guide.

Atte’s origins are in Middle-Finland and he learned the art of fly fishing already as a kid at brown trout rivers. These days fly fishing is his life and guiding his passion.

2019 is the first year Atte starts arranging tours at Juutua river. He follows your fishing and   gives important tips, cooks delicious food, is your personal driver, helps you with alternative tours and makes sure you have all you need to meet the big trout.


– For summer 2019 we have ready planned 4 days trout vacation for you.

– The vacation can be booked for a solo traveler and up to 4 person group.

– In the summer there is a lot of room in the hotels so you get to choose a river- or lake side hotel.

– Everyone would respect that if you release your brownie catch. Still you can kill one brownie for a licence without offending anyone.

– Grey chars were planted in Inari lake and are now threatening the original brown trouts excistence. There you do a favour to brownies when you eat a char. June is the main season for ”the greys”, but good for brownies too.

– You can bring your own fishing gears, but we have what you need.

– You need to have earlier experience in fly fishing.

– Closest Airport is just 50km away; Ivalo Airport.



You arrive by plane to Ivalo Airport or use alternative ways like rented car to get to the area. Your guide Atte will lead you to your preferred resort, which is been chosen before the booking. You get to unpack and have the welcoming dinner. After that we give a look for the fishing gears, fishing technigues and the river.  If there’s time, we can go fishing already at the arrival day.



Your guide doesn’t count hours, just days. He wakes up for the time when you wish to go fishing and you can be guided 20 hours straight if that is what you wish.

You get to eat a lot at the river   side. Food is mostly made on open fire and you can even make wishes to what to have. Original plan is to eat a lot of self caught fish and local food.

There will most likely be other fishermen at the river too, but we can always find a good spot that haven’t recently been fished. Still it can be a good option too just stay fishing one pool and wait the trout’s to return from their lake run.

Every fishermen has their favorite time to fish, but there isn’t any specific hour that had been    better than others at Juutua. It is the amount of fishing hours that makes the difference. It is common that the trout strikes your fly right away when they meet.

It depends of the water level that where it is good to fish. Most of the pools take some wading to reach the right casting spot, but some pools are easy to fish from the shoreline as well.

After every fishing day the guide needs at least 6 hours of sleep for safety reasons.


You will be driven to the airport at least two hours before boarding the plane.

If there is time before that, we can go fishing also at departure day.

Your guide can also drive you around the area to do souvenir shopping, sight seeing or to go and have a lunch at his favorite restaurant.

It is possible to take your catch home with you for food or as trofee. We freeze them and pack well on plastic and insulations so that they stay frozen for several hours.


Booking calendar




3000€ / person / 4 days

Price includes all land transportations, all food cooked on open fire while fishing, fishing gears, fishing licences and a professional fishing guide who makes sure you can focus in fishing.

Every fly you catch fish with; is yours.

The accommodation, and flights doesn’t include in the price.

Welcome to fly fish your dream brownie. Welcome to Finnish Lapland.


Pictures from 2018 season

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