Atlantic Salmon Fly Fishing

Full service salmon fishing trip at Neiden river, Norway

We recommend to come for five days. During your stay you get to do a lot of fishing and guides services are not tied into some specific hours. Neiden river flows near by road, so you don’t need to hike to the salmon pools and most of your vacation you’ll be standing in the river holding the rod. You get to sleep when you’re sleepy, eat when you’re hungry and fish when you feel like fishing.

Neiden river is perfect in size for fly fishing from the bank and the river bottom is mainly easy to wade. People usually come here for Atlantic salmon, but also grayling and sea trout are doing well in the river and you should give them a try, cause the size can surprise. Fishing season starts in June and goes on till the end of August.

What’s included?

Fishing licences and gears, accommodation, food and drinks, catch cleaning, land transportations, travel/fishing guide.


We would appreciate that if you could bring your own wading gears.

Please note

  • Animals or pets allowed

What do I need to bring?

Wading gears and other clothing. Also own fishing gears are good to bring with

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Neiden river, Skoltefossen




This river has two names. The upper parts flow in Finland and that part is called Näätämö. River continues to Norway and is called Neiden at it’s lower parts. Finnish side goes from 6 to 14 km away from the nearest road and to get there you need to hike. Norwegian side then flows mostly just next to the road and is easy to reach.

The whole river is like made for dry fly fishing. Earlier season goes with wet flies, but already around mid June the fishes start getting interested to dry flies and so they are to the end of the season. Neiden river is perfect in size for bank fishing and the bottom is mainly good for wading. At high water also boat fishing works well.

Neiden is listed at third place within Norway’s most productive salmon rivers. The heaviest salmon reported here was 27 kg and caught at early June. Most common salmon size here is 2-5 kg.

The total length of the river is 100 km long and the Norwegian part is about 30 km of that. The main source of the river is 193 meters above sea-level. Neiden river ends down into the Arctic Barents sea.


We have full service fishing packages for you and your friends.

Every trip is unique due to time of the season, weather and special wishes, but here’s one way to have fishing vacation. This is just an example and the trip goes by your wishes.

Day 1 – Arrival

Your guide Atte comes to get you from airport. On the way to your resort , we stop by at grocery store to get your preferred breakfast etc. At Sun Side you get to unpack, take a nap, eat well, have a glass of wine or what ever you feel like. And when you’re ready, we can go fishing. 

We start the fishing at the most famous part of the river; At the Fly-Zone. It is about 500 meters long fast streaming rapid just below the highest fall of the river. It is so close to sea, that the tide affects it’s lower parts. Salmons that we catch there are usually bright and there is over 20 various salmon pools to fish.


Day 2 – Fishing

Usually day 2 begins while we are already fishing. June and July nights have day light, so fishing is possible around the clock. We fish various pools and find the ones that you like the most. We can reach over 30 good salmon pools next to the road so we don’t need to use several hours of your trip for hiking. Just enjoy the car ride and fishing.

To protect the fish population in the river, there is a day pause every day. It last four hours from 15:00 to 19:00 and no one is allowed to fish during the pause. During day pause we head to Näätämö. It is the Finnish side of  Neiden village. There you can buy souvenirs, eat, see local life and if you’re lucky the reindeers are at the stores too. Drive is just 15min.

You have same guide for the whole trip who drives the car, cooks the food and knows the river like his own pockets. Atte is making sure of that you get a fish in the end of your line. The landing is pretty much up to you, but there is some basics you will be informed of.

We can fish your preferred way, but it is good to follow guides tips. He isn’t just a guy driving you around, he is a professional fishing guide.


Day 3 – Fishing

There is still new pools to go for. It is your wishes and fly casting skills that define where we fish. Some pools are wide and calm where you need to cast up to 30 meters but in the rapids there’s a lot of small pools with various stream types. Most of them you can reach with short line and without wading. For few pools we need to wade deep and fast streaming water, or jump on big rocks to reach the right casting angle. Neiden river is really various to fish and there is something for everyone.

After fishing we take traditional sauna bath, eat well and perhaps have couple drinks. You can also make your own fly’s this or every other evening.


Day 4 – Fishing

Now you already know many salmon pools and are getting to know the river. We follow the trips theme and fish as you wish.

The river has strong salmon population, but also grayling and pike really like it here. Over half meter and ++1kg grayling is pretty common catch, but they won’t bite salmon fly’s so very easy. We need small dry fly’s and the right pool. Pike then stalks next to grass and all over the calm parts of the river. They’re fun to fish and at the same you do a favor for the salmons. Pikes eat a lot of salmon cubs in the  winter so it’s good to harvest them time to time.

All the fish species here are good to eat. The water is clear and you can drink from almost every lake and river. We eat a lot of fresh fish at the river side and make coffee of the river water on open fire.

The last evening goes with fishing, food and sauna.


Day 5 – Departure

If there’s time before your flight, we can do some fishing at departure day too.

Your guide Atte drives you back to the airport and on the way we can stop to shop souvenirs and to do some sight seeing.

You can bring your catch home with you. We just freeze your fishes in as big pieces as your luggage can take. Then pack the frozen fishes  in plastic, newspaper and bubble wrap. They stay frozen for several hours. Remember to make sure that you are allowed to bring the catch into your home country. You can also choose to release your catch or give it to your guide Atte. Some of the catch we eat during your trip, but so far guides catch has been enough for that.

All the fly’s you land fish with, you can take home with you.


Trip is arranged with full service


800€ / person / day

4000€ / person / 5 days

Price includes all taxes, fishing gears, fishing licences, food and drinks(no alcohol, but you can have your own), accommodation, land transportations, filming and professional fishing guide.


Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1:  E-mail us before booking your trip.

Step 2:  Book flights to Kirkenes or Ivalo airport and book the trip.(book with e-mail)

Step 3:  Keep it tight…


Phone: +35850-5168118

Good to know

– Book your flight to Ivalo airport in Finland or Kirkenes, Norway. We recommend Kirkenes airport, which is just 30km from our fishing area. Ivalo airport is 150km away.

– Fishing atlantic salmon from shore with a double hand fly rod takes skill. It is highly recommended that you have some experience in fly fishing before booking this trip.

– Your guide won’t be counting hours at the river, but he needs at least 6 hours of sleep after each fishing day.

– Neiden river is mainly easy to wade and usually we are wearing waders all the time when fishing. All the basic fly’s work well here so don’t leave your own tackle home. During high water also spoons and wobblers are effective. Even though we offer fishing gears for your use, we would appreciate that if you bring your own wading gears(pants, jacket and shoes).

– After 20th of July we release all over 70cm female salmons.

– This is arctic area so you need to prepare your self. It is good to have a warm and cool hat, gloves, warm windproof jacket/wading jacket, wading pants and shoes, rubber boots, sneakers, regular and wool socks, warm pants’s and warm sweaters, scarf, polarized sun glasses and moskito repellant.

We support VISA, V-Pay, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, Apple Pay and Google Pay. Debit and Credit cards.

– The river has day pause every day at 14:00 – 18:00pm  Norway time. During the pause fishing isn’t allowed for anyone so that is good    time to tie fly’s, visit local museum, go sight seeing, try sea fishing in Barents sea, eat well or just rest. It is really good to be at the river before the day pause ends. After four hours no fishing, the salmons are eager to bite the first fly in sight.

– You will meet other fishermen at the river. There is no private pools in Neiden river.

– In june it is good to use 15ft class 10- 12 fly rods. Already in July when water level lowers and average fish size drops from 5 to 2kg. It’s time to move into 13ft class 6- 9 rods. In the August when fishing for big salmons that have been in the river the whole summer, you need again heavy gear. Or atleast class 8 rod for them. We have this all for your use, but hear the info if you want to bring your own rod.

– Fishing season in Neiden river is three months. From 1st of June to the end of August.

– The river has day pause every day between 14:00 – 18:00. To be able to fish the morning and afternoon, it is good to go sleep early enough. The biggest salmons are usually active from 9 am till the day break. We are not tied to lunch and dinner schedules. Atte makes food at open fire where ever, when ever.

If you have questions, just ask. We are happy to answer.

And now, welcome fishing!


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