Summer Fishing

We offer All Inclusive fishing trips in Finnish and Norwegian Lapland.

The main river we focus on, is River Neiden in Norway. Also known as Näätämö river at upstream when it streams in Finland. The River starts from lake Ii in Finland and flows for over 100 kilometers and drops 193 meters on the way. Neidenelva, as it is known in Norway, flows  into Barents sea. Barents sea is Arctic sea and the river is populated my it’s wild salmon and trout. There’s also lake trouts, graylings, pikes and perches in River Neiden, but the main goal and reason for fishermen to come here is Atlantic Salmon.

River Neiden is about 10-70 meters wide, clear watered salmon river without any blockages for fishes. The nature is really various at the river banks, from cliffs to bushes. It is possible to fish by using a boat, but mainly the river is easy to fish by wading from shoreline. Some parts you can also fish with sneakers on, just 20 meters from the parking lot.

There is also hundreds of lakes full of grayling, trout, pike, whitefish and perch in Finland. We operate from Näätämö in North-Eastern Lapland. It is possible to stay in the wilderness over night in a tent or a cabin. What ever suits your needs.

Fill the following contact form and tell us about your wishes so that we can give more information. Every trip is unique, so lets make your own package with all the stuff you want.

Best regards,

Atte Ikkala, CEO

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