Sea Fishing

We offer guided fishing trips to Barents sea all around the year.

This is how it goes:

  1. Contact us and tell your group size, time wish for the trip and special wishes. This activity must be booked at least one day ahead.
  2. Our guide comes to pick up your group(1-6 persons) from your resort or special location by car. The optimal timing for sea fishing is during high tide, so the optimal time varies.
  3. We drive to the guides preferred location due to weather and seasonal matters. There is drinks and snacks in the car.
  4. When we reach the fishing destination, we move to the water and spend about 4 hours fishing. You can keep the fishes your self, release them, or give them to the guide.
  5. After fishing guide drives back to your pick up location.

The guide has all the fishing gear you need and the price includes transportation, drinks and snacks. All you need to bring is warm clothes. The guide is there for you and to make your trip comfortable so don’t hesitate to ask if you wish something.

About fish species

The most common species that are caught from Barents sea are cod and coalfish. Average size is around one kilo, but both species can reach over 10 kilo weight at this area. And they are delicious and fun to fish. They move in packs, so after hooking one, you will most likely hook another. It is near to impossible to not to catch fish when being at the right place at right time at Barents sea.


In the winter we fish from on top of the sea ice. We use short light weight rods and ski or walk to the fishing spot from the car. And in the winter the high tide doesn’t really matter so it is good chance to hook all around the clock. Even in the night!


In the summer it is important to be fishing at the high tide. We do the fishing from shore. It is possible to bring firewood and make a camp fire. We fish using spinning rods.


Starting from 95€/person

You can bring your own fishing gears and all the gears that you want. Even small canoes fit in our car.

You can use this following form to contact us, to book the activity, or just ask a guestion

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