Arctic Sea Fishing

If you’re looking for easy fishing excursion and wish to actually catch something, then this is the three hours of your dreams.

Fjords of the Barents sea freeze in January and offers us the chance to go on top the sea without boats. This is really good for fishing and so far our catch rate is 100%. Most common catch is 1 kg cod and a little smaller coalfish. Both are good in taste and fun in the end of the line.

You get to keep the catch, but usually we catch so much that sharing it and releasing the small fishes is the right thing to do.

What’s included?

  • Food & drinks
  • Goods & services tax

Fishing gears, guiding, bags for the catch, pictures of the fishing trip, pick up and drop off in Kirkenes area, Norway.

Please note

  • Animals or pets allowed
  • Duration 3 hours

Wear warm clothes, we don’t walk much during the day.

What do I need to bring?

Winter clothing, waterproof shoes



Starting from 195€/person

Contac to ask more and book

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