5 Days Excursion

If you’re looking for an ultimate ice-fishing experience, you can’t go wrong with Captain Atte Ikkala’s ice-fishing excursion in Finland’s largest wilderness area, Galddoaivi backwoods in the Higher-Lapland.

He’ll transport you to the fishing location by Snowmobile-pulled sled and take you ice-fishing for Grayling, Perch, Pike, and Trout in crystal clear waters. The package includes Hotel accommodation, food/drinks (no alcohol), airport pickup and drop off, all the fishing gear and licenses, transportation and guiding, catch cleaning (you can also do C&R), and winter clothing. Just book your flights and your guide will take care of the rest.



Atte will pick you up from the Kirkenes airport, Norway – he’ll meet you at the luggage pickup. The airport is a 45 km drive from Näätämö. Usually, the arrival day goes with preparing everything for the first full day of ice-fishing in the wilderness. If there is time, we go fishing already at the first day.

Fishing days

Your fishing days will start with Atte picking you up from the hotel by snowmobile. You’ll travel comfortably on reindeer hide covered sled for 20 km into the Galddoaivi backwoods. There you’ll spend the day ice-fishing around a private camp in the middle of a great ice-fishing area. Main fish specie is grayling and it is common to catch them in over half meter length. Also perches, lawyers and pikes are among usual days catch. There is also possibilities for winter salmon and lake trout, but they are rare.

Day length is much longer in late April than early March so we can do more fishing at the later season. Some could say that later season is better just because of that, but when it is day light 20 hours a day, the fishes are not staying active all day. In the early March then when day is shorter, there is much more happening under the ice compared to the amount of day hours. March, April and May are totally different months from each other to ice fish, but they are all really good at the same in their own ways.

How the fishing actually goes:

Your guide will drill an 8-inch hole in thick ice. You lay the reindeer hide on the top and  lay down on it, drop the lure in, and watch down the hole. You’ll be able to see the bait and the fishes clearly. We are usually fishing in the waters less than 2 meter deep. During the fishing you’ll get to dine at open fire. The food is mostly made out of your catch.

The guide will take you back to the hotel in the evening with a sauna and restaurant/bar waiting for you.

The trip includes three full fishing days and two first ones we head to the same location. Third day you can choose to go back the main fishing area or try another location with different fish species. In March it is possible to go ice fishing at Barents sea. There we would fish for cod and coalfish, but in the sea there is pretty much endless possibilities for catch. Your guide Atte also knows good lakes to catch arctic chars and lake trouts in Norway.


Depending on when your flight leaves, on the last day, you can go ice-fishing, sightseeing by snowmobile or a car, or try sea fishing if the ice is safe. There is a good place to fish for cod next to the airport. You will be driven to the airport at least two hours before your flight.


Every trip needs a little special customization based on group size, needs, wishes and the time of the season. Basic package includes three full fishing days + arrival and departure days, but we can arrange trips from two to ten days.

This product is available from 1st of March till 10th of May.(1.3.-10.5.) Excursion can be arranged also for solo traveler and max group size for season 2019 is 4 persons.

Prices starting from 3500€/person

Price includes all land transportations, food and drinks(no alcohol), Hotel accommodation with breakfast, sauna, all fishing gears and licences, winter clothing, professional fishing guide and driver, catch cleaning, half professional photographing of your trip, additional activities, safety gears and airport pick up and drop off.

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Sled rides

Our snowmobile sledge takes four persons and all the gear needed. The drive from our road side Base Camp to our Wilderness Camp takes one hour and you travel comfy on reindeer skins.

Safari routes on map


Our safari routes reach to 40 different waters and the total length is over 100 kilometers. Normal day trip includes about 40km driving in total, so here is enough to experience for several days. And when you are done with Finnish side; we go Norway!

How to find us:

Näätämö is in the furthest northern corner of Finland in the middle of nothing. Our coordinates are 69°39.9’N, 29°06.3’E  but your navigator system will find the village by it’s name as well. Especially if you have a rental car under and some adventure spirit; then this is where you should visit for unique memories.

Welcome for some of our wonderful safaris!


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