Sled rides

Our snowmobile sledge takes four persons and all the gear needed. one passenger also fits in the snowmobile, so we can offer rides for five at once.

The drive from our road side Base Camp to our Wilderness Camp takes one hour and you travel comfy on reindeer skins.

Safari routes on map


Our safari routes reach to 40 different waters and the total length is over 100 kilometers. Normal day trip includes about 40km driving in total, so here is enough to experience for several days. And when you are done with Finnish side; we go Norway!


How to find us:

Näätämö is in the furthest corner of Finland in the middle of nothing. Our coordinates are 69°39.9’N, 29°06.3’E  but your navigator system will find the village by it’s name as well. Especially if you have a rental car under and some adventure spirit; then this is where you should visit for unique memories.

Welcome for some of our wonderful safaris!


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