Perch heaven! Found ya!

Spring sun is melting rooftops bare and roads are already dry and clean. Ice fishing season is almost over and summer coming fast. Thanks to the snowiest winter in decades, it is still good to drive to Gálddoaivi backwoods by snow mobile.

Drove over some streaming waters and bare hill tops to this calm valley near to Norway border. From map the place looked really promising and it didn’t take more there than 10min to be convinced. 70cm of ice and 30- 50cm water under. That’s where they were. Huuge perches hunting in small groups. Fishes just kept popping up from almost every hole and this fisherman was in heaven.

Ever before I haven’t experienced so good icefishing in Finnish waters. After I had enough, packed 10 biggest perches in a bag and scaled it…8kg. Not a single fish were over 1kg, but with this average weight I couldn’t  be happier. What a awesome trip and way to finish this icefishing season.

Thank you Gálddoaivi!

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30 years old finnish man going on fishing adventures. Rain or shine! Time to time I just feel the need to write about it.


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